Julio Choy

Twitter: @svntax
Discord: svntax#7967

How long have you been coding for?

I’ve been coding for over 8 years now.

What is your development background?

I first learned about coding from ROBLOX back in my childhood, which led me to learn programming and game development throughout school and eventually study computer science in college. Recently I’ve been helping PixelJam Games develop a PICO-8 version of a Flash prototype of theirs, and I’m also a developer for the Transmogrify team.

Have you made any games before?

I’ve made games for the Ludum Dare game jam 22 times as of now, along with several other game jams and hackathons, and a few games outside of any events.

What are your favorite games?

I’m a fan of procedural generation of all kinds, so some of my favorite games include Terraria, FTL, and Spelunky. I’m also a big Nintendo fan, so I’ve played many of their games ever since the NES era, but it’s hard to pick out favorites from them.

Why did you pick PV8?

When I first found out about PV8, I was really impressed by the music generation tool. Whenever I do game jams, music is something I find difficult to have ready in a short period of time. As PV8’s development advanced, I realized how it would work great as a self-contained environment for small games and rapid prototyping.

Demoscene Tutorials

A collection of self-contained, extremely small demo tutorials that show off's Pixel Vision 8's artistic side.

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