Exporting is limited to just WebGL in the current build of Game Creator v0.7.9.

While archiving your game is a good way to save it before loading a new project to work on, sometimes you will want to share your creation with others outside of the Game Creator. The Save Tool offers an option to export your game without the need to recompile it. To do this, the Game Creator’s save tool uses Pixel Vision 8 Runner Templates for different platforms and creates a new executable for you. Let’s take a look at how this works.

When you are in the Save Tool, you will see export options towards the bottom of the screen.

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The tool currently supports exporting to WebGL. Exporting to *Windows, Mac, Linux, *Unity or MonoGame through the source option is coming soon. When you are ready to export your game, simply click on the build button.

A new Build folder is created in the Workspace folder and should contain your exported game.

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For the most part, the exported game should just work as is. There are a few exceptions like WebGL. If you open up a WebGL game, you will see an index.html page, a Streaming Assets folder, and a Data folder. Your game will be inside of the Streaming Assets folder. It may be called something like SampleLuaGame.pv8. This will be corrected in future builds of the exporter. You will need to upload everything to this directory to your server. Just be sure to change the URL in the index.html file so that it points to where your game exists online.

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You will need to update your cross domain policies as well if you plan on hosting your game in a different location than where your index.html file is located. You can see a sample of the Tilemap Demo running in WebGL here.

At this time, exporting games is still experimental. There are known issues such as Mac projects not working when created on Windows as well as sound issues and performance in WebGL. Please make sure to send all feedback and bugs to the forum so they can be addressed.

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