Installing the Tutorial Files

In order for you to run through the following tutorials, you’ll need to download Pixel Vision 8 and install Pixel Vision OS. All of these tutorials can be run with the free version of PV8. You can follow the getting started guide to get everything running. Next, you’ll want to download the tutorial disk and drag it onto PV8’s window to mount it on the desktop.
Sometimes, your browser may change the extension of a PV8 disk to .zip. Simply change the extension back to .pv8 and you can drag and drop it as described above. 

When you are ready to do a tutorial, rename the code.lua file code-backup.lua or delete it. You can also open the code.lua file in the built-in text editor and delete all of the code by pressing Ctrl-A to select all the text then hit the delete key. Each tutorial assumes that the project is starting from a blank code file.
At this point, you should be ready to start learning how to make games with Pixel Vision 8. If you run into any issues with any of these tutorials, you can send an email to or use the Discord server at to submit a bug and get help.

Pro Tutorials

A collection of tutorials that explore more advanced techniques for making games with Pixel Vision 8.

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