Lean everything you need to know about installing Pixel Vision OS, how the tools work, and how to make PV8 games.


This documentation is designed to cover how to work with Pixel Vision 8. Once you have read this documentation, you will be ready start making Pixel Vision 8 games!

What's included?

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What is Pixel Vision 8
Change Log
Quick Start
Running PV8
Using Disks
Running Pixel Vision OS
What Is Pixel Vision OS
Mounting Disks
Installing Pixel Vision OS
Creating New Disks
Creating A New Project
Project Templates
Running Games
Inside A Game Project
Loading Data
The Settings Tool
The Log Tool
Shutting Down
Pixel Vision OS Tools
The Sprite Tool
The Color Tool
The SFX Tool
The Music Tool
Making Games
Using The Atom IDE
Demo Games
Lua API Cheatsheet
Example Lua Game
Keyboard Input
Controller Input
Loading Data
Color Maps
System Colors
Rendering To The Display
Clearing The Display
Rendering Sprites
Rendering Fonts
Rendering The Tilemap

PV8 Does What Others Don't

Pixel Vision 8 is the first and only fully customizable 8-bit fantasy console. Don't just make games, design your own fantasy console specs to match actual hardware or create something new. It's perfect for game jams, prototyping ideas, and having fun!