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Fantasy Console Club

The Fantasy Console Club focuses access to exclusive updates, tutorials, and content to help make games with Pixel Vision 8.
The Fantasy Console Club is free to join and offers exclusive access to updates, tutorials, and more. By joining, you'll get a free copy of Pixel Vision 8, it's documentation, and a collection of API example tutorials to get you started, which is everything you need to start making 8-bit games.

Recent posts

I'm happy to announce that Pixel Vision 8's new automated build system is finally live on GitHub! Automating PV8 builds has taken me longer than…
Looks like I am a day late on the update. While I was planning on taking some time off, I really couldn't walk away until…
This week's update is going to be a little bit shorter than usual. I lost a few days trying to refactor the Tilemap Tool.

This past week I focused on some of Pixel Vision 8's less glamorous features that seriously needed updating. Luckily these mark the end of the…
First up, I wanted to thank everyone that favorited the Pixel Vision 8 Github project. We are at 427 stars now, and I hope…


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Pixel Vision 8 is still in development. Currently, it is offered as "early access" and may contain bugs, unexpectedly crash, or have missing features. These early access builds help get feedback, identify bugs, and stress test the tool-chain. Join the dedicated Discord server for support and sharing with the community.
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