Game Creator Pro by Pixel Vision 8
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Game Creator Pro

Pick a system, code in Lua and use built-in tools to make your own games!
Enrollment is closed


The Game Creator Pro is a full development environment for authoring 8-bit games and is built on top of the open source Pixel Vision SDK framework. It contains project management, asset creation, and coding/debugging tools. This all in one solution enables complete end to end development allowing anyone to create desktop games, share them and even build custom tools.

Pro Features
Pixel Vision 8: Game Creator supports the following features:

  • Loading, playing and editing of .pv8 (Games), .pvs (System Templates) and .pvt (Tools) files.
  • Create games in Lua with an easy to learn API optimized for tile based games.
  • Open workflow, allowing you to edit game code (Lua), art (png) or system limits (JSON) with an external editor.
  • Build tools for PV8 to fit your workflow and needs.
  • Easily share games with others as .pv8 (.zip) files.
  • Fully featured color editor. Preview your project's colors, modify them and save them to an external png.
  • Sprite preview tool allows you to see the sprites stored in memory and compress existing sprites into an external .png.
  • SFX generator for making your own sound effects in game projects. You'll have access to templates for different sound effects with manual SFX property customization coming soon.
  • Music generation tools for creating chiptune music and randomly generating songs for developers new to making music for their games.
  • A full tilemap editor that allows you to preview, modify and export your tilemap for your games or to load in an external editor such as Tiled.
  • Exclusive demos, game source code and more.

Pixel Vision 8 Pro is currently still in development and offered as part of a paid early access program.

Looking for the free version or to pay monthly? Check out the Fantasy Console Club membership packages.

What's included?

Video Icon 12 videos File Icon 9 files Text Icon 1 text file


Game Creator Pro v0.8.1b
Windows Installer v0.8.1b
19.1 MB
Mac OS Installer v0.8.1b
26.8 MB
Linux Installer v0.8.1b
41.7 MB
Win, Mac & PC Runners v0.8.1
61.8 MB
Introduction to Pixel Vision 8
4 mins
Game Creator Overview
8 mins
Using External Editors
6 mins
Configure Atom
3 mins
New Game Tool
2 mins
Workspace Tool
3 mins
Save Tool Overview
3 mins
Color Tool
2 mins
Sprite Tool
3 mins
Tilemap Tool
2 mins
Sound Tool
2 mins
Music Tool
4 mins
Game Creator Pro - Previous Releases
Mac OS Installer v0.8.0b
26.7 MB
Windows Installer v0.8.0b
19.1 MB
Linux Installer v0.8.0b
41.6 MB
Win, Mac & PC Runners v0.8.0
61.9 MB
PV8 Runner v0.8.0 (Unity Packages)
1.14 MB

Learn Retro Game Development with Modern Workflows

Pixel Vision 8 is an 8-bit fantasy console. Developers can customize its specs to match actual hardware or create something new. It is ideal for game jams, prototyping ideas, and having fun.