Game Creator Pro by Pixel Vision 8
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Game Creator Pro

Pick a system, code in Lua and use built-in tools to make your own games!
Enrollment is closed


The Game Creator Pro is a full development environment for authoring 8-bit games and is built on top of the open source Pixel Vision SDK framework. It contains project management, asset creation, and coding/debugging tools. This all in one solution enables complete end to end development allowing anyone to create desktop games, share them and even build custom tools.

Pro Features
Pixel Vision 8: Game Creator supports the following features:

  • Loading, playing and editing of .pv8 (Games), .pvs (System Templates) and .pvt (Tools) files.
  • Create games in Lua with an easy to learn API optimized for tile based games.
  • Open workflow, allowing you to edit game code (Lua), art (png) or system limits (JSON) with an external editor.
  • Build tools for PV8 to fit your workflow and needs.
  • Easily share games with others as .pv8 (.zip) files.
  • Fully featured color editor. Preview your project's colors, modify them and save them to an external png.
  • Sprite preview tool allows you to see the sprites stored in memory and compress existing sprites into an external .png.
  • SFX generator for making your own sound effects in game projects. You'll have access to templates for different sound effects with manual SFX property customization coming soon.
  • Music generation tools for creating chiptune music and randomly generating songs for developers new to making music for their games.
  • A full tilemap editor that allows you to preview, modify and export your tilemap for your games or to load in an external editor such as Tiled.
  • Exclusive demos, game source code and more.

Pixel Vision 8 Pro is currently still in development and offered as part of a paid early access program.

Looking for the free version or to pay monthly? Check out the Fantasy Console Club membership packages.

What's included?

Video Icon 12 videos File Icon 9 files Text Icon 1 text file


Game Creator Pro v0.8.1b
Windows Installer v0.8.1b
19.1 MB
Mac OS Installer v0.8.1b
26.8 MB
Linux Installer v0.8.1b
41.7 MB
Win, Mac & PC Runners v0.8.1
61.8 MB
Introduction to Pixel Vision 8
4 mins
Game Creator Overview
8 mins
Using External Editors
6 mins
Configure Atom
3 mins
New Game Tool
2 mins
Workspace Tool
3 mins
Save Tool Overview
3 mins
Color Tool
2 mins
Sprite Tool
3 mins
Tilemap Tool
2 mins
Sound Tool
2 mins
Music Tool
4 mins
Game Creator Pro - Previous Releases
Mac OS Installer v0.8.0b
26.7 MB
Windows Installer v0.8.0b
19.1 MB
Linux Installer v0.8.0b
41.6 MB
Win, Mac & PC Runners v0.8.0
61.9 MB
PV8 Runner v0.8.0 (Unity Packages)
1.14 MB

PV8 Does What Others Don't

Pixel Vision 8 is the first and only fully customizable 8-bit fantasy console. Don't just make games, design your own fantasy console specs to match actual hardware or create something new. It's perfect for game jams, prototyping ideas, and having fun!


What is the Game Creator?

The Game Creator is built on top the Pixel Vision SDK. The underpinnings of the Pixel Vision 8 engine are exposed through an easy to use Lua API allowing you to focus on making games without needing to modify any of the core C# code directly. The Game Creator offers the following features over the core SDK:

  • The Workspace - A standardized location and workflow for loading, saving and editing games.

  • Project Types - Support for several project file formats such as .pv8 (games), .pvs (system templates), pvt (tools) and more.

  • Importers - Specialized importers for sprites, tilemaps, lua code and project metadata.

  • Booting and Loading - Allows a standardized system for loading games into memory and editing them in the workspace.

  • Tools - Special API Bridges are exposed for loading, using and building custom tools to edit games in memory.

  • Archiving - Games can be zipped up into archives to make them easier to run and share with others.

How do I publish my games to mobile or console?

While the Game Creator Pro includes pre-compiled runners for WebGL, PC, Mac, and Linux you may be looking to publish your game to additional platforms. Included with the Game Creator Pro is a Unity project template. This allows you to use Unity's cross-platform publishing capabilities to export your .pv8 game to another target. You can also port your Lua game to C# for better support on platforms that may have difficulty running the built-in Lua VM.

What is Pixel Vision 8?

PV8 is also a platform that standardizes 8-bit fantasy console limitations built on top of the open source Pixel Vision SDK. Developers can customize these restrictions to match actual legacy hardware or create something new. The challenge of working within these confines forces creativity and limits the scope. Pixel Vision 8 creations are expressions of ingenuity that rise above their limitations.

Can I try the Game Creator for free?

Yes, you can always join the Fantasy Console Club and get access to the free version of the Game Creator. 

Do you offer a discount?

If you are still unsure about paying for the Game Creator Pro but want to have access to the built-in tools you can always join the Fantasy Console Club's Indie membership to get access the to Game Creator Pro for a smaller monthly fee.