Getting Started

This quick-start guide is designed to get you up and running with Pixel Vision8. It covers everything you need to know about launching Pixel Vision 8, playing games, installing Pixel Vision OS, and creating your first game project.

Running Pixel Vision 8

Pixel Vision 8 works on Mac, PC, and Linux. Simply run the installer or copy it to where you keep Applications on your computer. Once installed, run the executable to boot up the Fantasy Console.
By default, Pixel Vision 8 runs in window mode. You can change the scale of Pixel Vision 8 while it's loading by holding down the 1 - 4 keys or press F to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode. Your changes will be saved between sessions.
Pixel Vision 8 will boot up and attempt to run any installed OS. If the OS isn’t found, you will see the following error.

Using Disks

Pixel Vision 8’s Runner is designed to load special disks. PV8 disks end in .pv8 extension. You can insert a disk into PV8 by dragging it from your computer onto the Pixel Vision 8 Window.
Once a disk is inserted, Pixel Vision 8 will attempt to run it. You can load any PV8 project folder the same way. If the disk has everything needed to run, it will automatically load the game.
You can unload a game disk at any time by hitting Esc on your keyboard.

Installing Pixel Vision OS

Pixel Vision 8 is the first Fantasy Console to introduce a fully modern OS written entirely from the ground up to run at 256 x 240. Pixel Vision OS is included for free and is open source. You’ll see a disk for it under the Pixel Vision 8's Runner download section of your account.

You can run Pixel Vision OS from the disk or install it. To install the OS, open the disk and click on the Installer icon.

When you are ready, hit the install button and the OS will be copied over to the drive.

Once installed, the drive will change icons showing it can be booted and you are free to eject the disk to reload the OS from the drive. The default installation will also add some art packs and fantasy console system templates to the root of the Workspace drive.

The Pixel Vision OS disk also contains an optional collection of demos which are not copied over to the Workspace during installation. To install them, simply drag the folder from the OS disk’s window to the Workspace icon on the desktop. 

After that you should have everything you need to start creating Pixel Vision 8 games. When you are done, you are free to eject the disk to reload the OS from the drive by dragging it to the trash.

Creating A New Project

Pixel Vision OS allows you to create new projects in the Workspace drive or on a disk that has read/write access on your computer’s file system. You can not create new projects on the desktop or inside the root of another game’s folder. Each version of Pixel Vision 8 has its own template project. To get started, select New Project from the menu and give it a name.

Here is what you’ll see when you create a new PV8 project. This project template includes all of the core files you need to make a PV8 game. 

By default, the template doesn’t include a Tilemap or Music file. These can be added via the drop-down menu.

If a core game file already exists in a game folder, its name will be disabled in the menu. You can always delete a game file and create a new one from scratch if you want to start over again. Likewise, creating a new color, sprite, tilemap, sound or music file can not be renamed when creating them from scratch.

Running Games Projects

You can play any PV8 game project that has a Run icon in the root of its folder by double clicking on it or pressing Ctrl + R.

You can run the new game project and it will display some text to let you know that everything is working and is ready to be modified. When you are done running a PV8 game project, simply hit Esc to exit out of it.


The Pixel Vision OS disk has a collection of demos to help illustrate how to use Pixel Vision 8's APIs.

The demos focus on specific aspects of the engine from rendering to handling input and more. Each demo is open source, allowing you to look at all of its files as well as use the code in your projects. It's a perfect place to get started on your journey with games for Pixel Vision 8!

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