Building PV8 Games With C# Plus New Docs
December 05, 2019
Over the past month, I've been hard at work rewriting all of the documentation. While working on the main site's documentation,  I took some time out to add a Wiki for the open-source part of PV8 that allows you to create games in C#. You can view all of the open-source parts of Pixel Vision 8 on its Github Repo. While writing documentation doesn't sound like the most exciting update, I'm hoping it will help new and existing users better understand how Pixel Vision 8 works.

First up is the Pixel Vision Runner Repo's Wiki. This project contains the full source code for Pixel Vision 8. There are two Visual Studio solutions in there, one for building a MonoGame C# or Lua Runner and the other for building Pixel Vision 8 itself.

Second, I've updated Pixel Vision OS's Wiki. There is now full documentation on how to install Pixel Vision OS from scratch, which is helpful if you are building Pixel Vision 8 from the source code, as well as information on each of the built-in tools.

Once the documentation is updated, I can go back to the bug list. More people are discovering Pixel Vision 8 every day. Hopefully, these new docs help get those developers up and running on their own plus offer insights into how everything works under the hood.
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