Week 26 Update
June 30, 2020
Before I start with this week's update, I wanted to thank our new GitHub sponsors, Acochetti, and JohnnyRockets777. We now have four sponsors and are at 27% of the monthly goal!

I understand that sponsoring is a big ask, especially with everything going on right now. Still, at the bare minimum, if you could please star the project on GitHub, that will help build even more awareness and support from the community.

As for this week's update, I was hoping to have the new Drawing Tool wrapped up, but I still have a few more issues left to address. I didn't take into account all of the little edge cases that would arise when combining the Sprite and Color tools. The biggest challenge has been displaying which panel is in focus since the drop-down menu options are contextual. Here is a small recording of how it works right now.

As you can see, when you switch between the system color, palette, and sprite pickers, the selection goes from white (not in focus) to yellow (in focus). I have also been working on updating the drop-down menu options accordingly. I should be wrapping up the last of these edge cases by the end of the week, and 90% of the code for this tool is already in there; I need to finish wiring it all up.

I did manage to release the new Visual Studio Code plug-in. If you prefer this code editor to Atom, you can install the plug-in right now.

The only thing that will not work with PV8 v0.9.7+ is the new debugger. For the next release, VSCode will support breakpoints and basic variable value exploration when building Lua games. I'll update the documentation accordingly with how all of this will work, but now feel free to enjoy API auto-complete.

While I continue to work on this tool, you may see new issues pop-up on GitHub to keep track of what I must fix before the next release. I was hoping to have v0.9.8 out by the end of the month, but still have a bit more work to do.

On the bright side, once I get past this Draw Tool, things should speed up considerably. I'll get the next release out as soon as I can!
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Heinz Stampfli

Week 27 is ahead 😎


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