Week 28 Update
July 13, 2020
First up, I wanted to thank everyone that favorited the Pixel Vision 8 Github project. We are at 427 stars now, and I hope we can break 500 by the end of the month! If you haven't already done so, please take a minute and hit that star. Now, for last week's update.

I spent the majority of it cleaning up the new Draw Tool's sprite import logic. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to bring any 8-bit pixel art you want into PV8. To test the new sprite parser, I have been using this excellent CGA style pixel art from @ColdRice_Dev, which you can pick up for under $1 on itch.io.

When you import new art with the new Draw Tool, it asks to analyze the sprites.

Once the sprites are analyzed, the tool can automatically remove empty sprites, remap the colors, modify the colors per sprite value, and finally build a new palette from scratch.

So if you are not happy with how the Draw Tool remaps the colors, you can do it manually. While in color mode, holding down the Ctrl key will display the color mapping values.

In this new color remapping mode, you select any of the colors with an index icon. When a color index is selected, the sprite picker will flash the color to preview where it is in the sprite sheet.

Once you know where the incorrectly indexed colors are, you can then manually remap them by dragging the index value to a new position.

Parsing the sprites works well for the ones that use the project's colors. But, what about dropping the same sprites in a new project?

As you can see, the new sprite parser will remap the colors to the first row of system colors. This ensures that all of the sprites use the default palette. After that, you can create new palettes, move the system colors, or make any other changes like you usually would.

Adding in all of this new logic took me a lot longer than I had thought, so my v0.9.8 bug list is still really full. While I wanted to get this build out a week or so ago, the new timeframe is "I'll release it when it's ready." In the interim, you can always build the source manually, and I will try to start releasing "weekly" stable commits. These will be available for anyone that wants to play around with the next set of features or help submit bugs for me to fix before releasing.
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