Week 32 Update - New Build System Is Live
August 11, 2020
I'm happy to announce that Pixel Vision 8's new automated build system is finally live on GitHub! Automating PV8 builds has taken me longer than I thought, but this is a critical step towards releasing new versions faster than in the past.

Starting with the new automated build update, I've had to redo the versioning. The latest stable release of PV8 will now be v0.9.0 instead of the previous v0.9.7+ currently on the site. On GitHub, you'll have access to this new build, and the latest incremental preview builds every time I push new code to the repo. I know this may be confusing right now, but I will update the site to reflect this and let everyone know when the next stable release is ready.

In addition to these new automated builds, you also find self-contained executables for Windows, Mac, and both Linux x64 as well as Linux ARM. This is a big step forward in starting to support Raspberry Pi and other ARM-based SOC devices.

Now, before you download the new v0.9.1 build on GitHub, you should know that it is still unstable. For example, the Tilemap tool is unfinished, and there are many new paradigms that I've introduced without documentation. You should proceed with caution and make sure to back up your workspace.

Moving forward, you'll be able to get new builds after I commit changes. Each push will have notes on the issues closed since the last build. All in all, this should help me get new builds out to people faster as I fix specific problems. As I continue to use this automated build system, you'll find all of the outstanding issues which make up the backbone of PV8's roadmap on GitHub. Since I no longer have milestones based on particular versions, I'm just going to work on closing out issues as quickly as possible.

I invite you to look at the new GitHub project as well since I've simplified it to make it easier to build using the latest version of MonoGame and .Net Core 3.1. Please feel free to file issues or bugs as you find them. There are new options that help streamline submitting issues by offering new templates for bugs, feature requests, and questions. I'll use all of these community submitted issues to help decide what goes into the next release.

Over the next few weeks, I'll continue to clean up the Github repo and hope you have stared it so you can get updates on new releases when they go live.
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