Pixel Vision 8: Tune by Pixel Vision 8

Pixel Vision 8: Tune

An all-in-one solution for making 8-bit sound effects and music for your games.

What Is Pixel Vision 8: Tune

Pixel Vision 8: Tune leverages Pixel Vision OS's sound tools to offer musicians a self-contained sound creation studio. There are also tools for editing a project's sound effects, patterns, and full-length songs. For those learning 8-bit sound design, Tune has a random sound effect and song generator.

Generate Sound Effects

Included is a powerful sound effects generator. There are templates for commonly used sound effects as well as musical instruments for the Music Tool. You can configure each sound effect's properties by hand and export them as WAV files (coming soon) to use in any game.

A Powerful Tracker

The tracker allows you to arrange, edit, and play your song compositions. Use the built-in keys to write custom patterns from scratch or have the random music generator to do it for you. There is a song editor which allows you to arrange patterns and export the final song as a WAV file (coming soon). Tune saves song data as easy to edit JSON files.

A Retro Sound Studio

Pixel Vision OS which turns Pixel Vision 8 into an 8-bit computer is built-in. You'll get a dedicated workspace folder on your computer where you can access anything you create. The best part is that your work is saved as JSON files and exported as WAV files for any game project you are designing.


Pixel Vision 8: Tune is a powerful sound effect and chip-tune creation studio with the following features:

  • Support for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Full keyboard and mouse support.
  • Run in scalable window mode or fullscreen.
  • Use as a stand-alone sound effect and music package for creating authentic chip-tune music.
  • Customize the hardware limitations for each project.
  • Export your work as WAV files (coming soon).
  • Support for mounting a Workspace folder from your computer to make sharing files between the two easier.
  • Includes Pixel Vision OS's sound and music editors.
  • Easily share your creations with others.

Pixel Vision 8: Draw is still in development. Currently, it is offered as "early access" and may contain bugs, unexpectedly crash, or have missing/incomplete features. You'll receive free updates for the life of the project.

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